Standard Implementation

WBC will do the high-level requirements gathering and analysis for customer, then provide a demo addressing their pain points and to have better understanding on SAP B1 functionality and features. Based on the customer organization policies, WBC will advise to choose SAP B1 either on premises or cloud solution.

If customer is choosing on premises / cloud solution, with the help of hardware sizing tool we will suggest the Server and Client system configuration by having their growth in mind.

Once the customer decided to use SAP B1.
We will analyse and advise the following:

  • Total number of license
  • Current IT system in use, pain points with the current system
  • Modules or Departments going to be implemented based on their requirement
  • Is it group of companies or single entity
  • Business Vertical
  • No. of branches
  • Target date to Go-Live
  • Number of company or Number of location going to be implemented in SAP
  • Yearly maintenance

Kick Off meeting

During the Kick Off meeting, we will discuss the following

  • Separate book of accounts for each location/ branch
  • Customer categories
  • Payment terms to be followed
  • No of customers and vendors
  • Total no of sister concern for a client, whether want to consolidate all the companies and treat as separate entity
  • Master data management
  • Item are serial, or batch managed
  • No of users in each department
  • Inventory valuation method to be followed
  • Finalize the project manager from our side and client side
  • Finalize the process owner for all the departments in client side
  • List of Reports with format
  • List of approvals
  • List of alerts
  • List of Print Layout Designs with format
  • Customization in existing modules specific to customer industrial requirements
  • Any other specific requirement to develop an Add-on module
  • Real time integration with SAP B1 with customers’ existing legacy application

Prepare Project Plan

Prepare project plan (Blue Print) including target dates and team members and milestones and send to client for their approval

Steps to be done before Go Live

Gap analysis

  • Import masters, which was collected and make sure that duplicate entries are not there
  • Analyse the reports and PLD, which was collected
  • Do the testing for all modules based on client requirement

GO-LIVE Preparation

  • Discussion about opening balance
  • Get the un-reconcile checks.
  • Get the warehouse wise stock details
  • Get opening balance for Asset, Liability and Equity

Steps to be done one day before Go Live

  • Check the opening balance account is zero
  • Check whether all the documents are open
  • Login into SAP as created users and check user can access their screens without any issue
  • Take a backup before users start entering the entries
  • Ensure that all the client system have SAP client

Steps to be done after Go Live

  • Check all the users can do their daily activity in SAP
  • Schedule the auto backup and check that system is taking backup on schedule time. We will provide training to system admin from the client side
  • Tally the balance sheet
  • Provide the end user support
  • Sign up for Standard / Premium support long term contract

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